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“Damoah is a contemporary brand which is very fashion current with an unique edge. It creates pieces which are different stylish and trendy, something that can be occasionally worn as well as exclusive pieces which are nowhere to be seen. We like to especially concentrate on structure and fabric(s) weather it be that gorgeous print or that particular type of fabric(s) to create that special yet unique piece.
Damoah Designs is created for the lady who is very fashion conscious and always wants to stand out, look good, feel good. A Lady who likes to express themselves through the garments they wear.
We don’t only want our ladies to look their best but to also feel their best. To feel confident and comfortable inside and out.
The brand also gives styling services such as:
-Wardrobe styling
-Personal Styling
-Image Consultation
to both ladies and gents for all types of occasions; photo-shoots, events, fashion show etc

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