Edge Control!

This post actually comes as a public service announcement. You heard correct, we are providing a public service for those with afro hair! We have all had that stylist who did those senegalese twists too tight or scraped back your hair so that it was ‘laid to the gods!’ but also had your edges screaming for help. The other extreme is when you have natural or transitioning hair with a sleek weave and those edges just, won’t, lay. Here are our tips of how to keep your edges blossoming and under control.

1. Speak Up

It is your hair – the stylist will begin to learn about your hair from the moment that you have your very first consultation with them. You could have had the same stylist for years who knows what you like however, if its someone new and feeling quite tight you have to let them know that these are your precious afro edges and you do not want to lose them for anybody!

2. Edges Too Tight Saviour

So you have the weave in, it looks amazing and you look slightly startled but still smoking hot! The following morning the original pull on your hair hasn’t let up and you have a dull throbbing headache. Your hair has been pulled way too tight and you know it, so here is what to do next:

Option A: Take out the weave – this is normally the least desirable option but will literally take the excess stress off your hair immediately, completely minimising the damage, weakness and breakage that would have occured.

Option B: Salvage the style:

  • The first step is to get a protein rich moisturising conditioner and apply it to your entire hairline, ensuring that all of your edges are fully saturated.
  • Next use a fine natural oil such as coconut or argan oil – if you have it in a spray bottle that is perfect, squirt it along your hairline and gently massage it in.
  • Let this mixture sit in your hair for 5 minutes.
  • Begin to gently massage your hairline in small circular motions with the aim of loosening the braid.
  • DO NOT pull your hair out of the cornrow – this is likely to break it, however when the hair is sufficiently loose you can very gently tease some of those edges out.
  • Rinse the solution out of your hair.
  • Seal moisture into the hair with Black Castor Oil and allow your edges to air dry.
  • Repeat every other day for a weak, this should loosen up and fortify your edges so that when the weave is ready to come out of your hair, breakage has been kept to an absolute minimum and your scalp has not been left raw, inflamed or irritated.

3. Edge Control

Edge control can be a life saver if you use the right one. Many people use Eco Styler Gel which can come infused with natural oils such as argan oil. There are many on the market including Elasta QP Glaze, ORS Edge Control.

We however prefer a thick and non-greasy solution in small quantities which pulls back those edges and keeps them pulled back: Avlon Keracare Edge Tamer

It retails at around £9 in the UK and can be found at most of the non-speciality Stockists on Style My Fro.

4. Pay Attention

Do you know what type of hairline you have? is it fragile or does it break easily? You must pay attention to your hairline because it is often the most fragile part of your hair. See those follicles as the soldiers on the front line, anything that is going to damage your hair will normally get to them first. This includes excessive pulling into tight hairstyles, lack of moisture, incorrect hair products, irritated or damaged scalp or excess heat. Get to know what type of treatment your hair loves. Did you know that you can regularly condition just your hairline even when it is not washday – try it.

5. Jamaican Black Castor Oil

The whole team (even the guys) at Style My Fro swear by the benefits of Jamaican Black Castor Oil. Not only does it feel fantastic on the hair, the smallest quantity a day can really improve the health of your hair and keep your hairline in check. Guys, try a little JBCO on that hairline after a shape up and see how your hair improves too.

6. Sleep Well Wrapped

Try and add a silk wrap into your night time routine so that your edges are not rubbing against the pillow – this also helps to keep your edges lain in a particular direction the following morning.


How do you take care of or control your edges? Let us know. 


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