Style My Fro was created to fill a simple gap in the Afro hair & beauty community. We found that there are some really amazing services out there which can only be found through a friend of a friend of a friend. Although businesses are improving their online presence through social media platforms, we thought it might be a good idea to have everything you need in the same place.

Why is it called Style My Fro?

The name is there to catch the attention of everyone who considers themselves to have a ‘fro. The website is all about style, from hair style to personal style and we thought that Style My Fro captured this perfectly.

What can you find on Style My Fro?

We’ll draw up a list because I think that might be easier. The list is not exhaustive and we are thinking of new things to include in our directory all the time. If you have a suggestion then please let us know and we will look into it.

  • Salons

  • Barbers

  • Independent Stylists

  • Nail Technicians

  • Make Up Artists

  • Personal Stylists

  • Natural Hair products

  • Bridal Hair Specialists

  • Stockists

  • Virgin Hair

  • Haircare Tips

  • Street Style

  • Videos and multimedia

  • Articles on hair and beauty.


Isn’t it a bit exclusive?

Yes it kind of is but we really wanted to stick with a niche. We found that there is an abundance of information out there for salons that provide services for European hair & beauty in the UK. Afro hair kind of feels like the new wave and we wanted to ride it. 🙂


Mission Statement

We don’t actually have a mission statement. I don’t think we have a mission. Some of the things that we thought about when creating this platform was a soap box for the little guys.

We would love it if the aunty who usually does your hair to an excellent standard could reach a bigger client base in her local area.

We’d love it if the nail technician who gets your nails perfect every single time could be called out to do someone’s hen night.

We would love it if you move to a new area and have no idea where to buy your next relaxer kit you could log into SMF and find several places to choose from.

Finally we would absolutely love it if you could give props to the best make up artist in town who beat your face into fashion dominion. You get the drift.