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DIY Afro Hair Care

Bonjour tout le monde!

Today the topic is DIY afro hair care. Many of us, whether we’ve been natural for a very long time or are newly transitioning can find it difficult to take care of and maintain our natural afro hair.


Firstly, it is important that you being to develop your own afro hair regime tailored to your personal needs. It can be overwhelming walking into an afro hair and beauty shop and looking at the expansive rows of products however, it is a lot easier if you come prepared.


If your hair is prone to getting dry easily, look up the best oils/moisturisers out there for your hair such as Shea butter and coconut oil.


There are many resources where you can find a recipe online to make your own deep conditioner which incorporates ingredients that will best suit your hair. When styling my afro hair, I tend to use ingredients such as coconut oil and avocado as they are both rich in moisture and natural oils.


Once you’ve worked out the products you’re going to use and how often you’re going to use them, stick to it! You’re not going to see any changes to the health or length of your hair unless you commit to this regime.


Although creating your own hair regime can give great results, you can never see the damage and know the relevant ways of combating it like a professional can. You may have tons of damaged ends that you’re unaware of which may be hindering the growth of your hair and inducing breakage.

From time to time I like to visit a hair salon to allow them to style my afro hair in London, but be warned, it can be very difficult. It is essential that you do your research and find an afro hairdresser that is trusted and has training and experience to deal with natural afro hair. My hair salon is Afrotherapy in Edmonton and I absolutely love it as they tailor each hair appointment to the needs of the client.

Once you’ve created your own DIY afro hair regime, it isn’t essential to visit your hair salon regularly .I would recommend that you get your hair trimmed every six to eight weeks by a professional, it really is not the best idea to ever try this yourself!

In order to take the best care of your hair, I’d use a combination of the two as your DIY hair regime is inexpensive and looks after your afro hair whilst a professional in a natural black hair salon is able to give you professional treatments and leave your hair feeling and looking healthier from the inside out.

How do you take care of your fro?

This post was written by Kia Commodore of Divinus Ater as a #TeamStyleMyFro Blogger.